How to hire me

        1. Email me at with the following information:
                  - The type of work (3D prop/environment, 3D visualisation, UI design...)
                  - A discription of the project (if possible please add some reference images)
                  - A time estimate or deadline
                  - And a budget estimate.

        2. After mutual agreement, we will create a contract through with the agreed work hours and prices.
                  SmartBe ensures that all my contracts are both financially and legally in order, and provides my payment at the end of the contract.
                  (If you have an alternative, please mention it in the mail.)

        3. In case of a smaller projects, I will work from my home location and send regular updates through the preferred medium.
                  For larger projects or companies within a hour drive from either Gent (Oost-Vlaanderen BelgiĆ«) or Bekkevoort (Vlaams-Brabant BelgiĆ«),
                  there is an option to work on-site if a workplace is provided.

        4. After the completion of the project, I will send you the final version aswell as an invoice with the agreed upon price through SmartBe.

        I'm looking forward to working with you.

        Vincent Vangeel
        Freelance 3D artist