Practice - PBR Materials

This is just a collection from all my small Physical Based Rendering practice projects. The goal of these projects are to learn more about creating realistic real time materials, and better understanding the PBR workflow using various programs. More projects and renders will be added later on while I'm progressing.

The first project is a small nature scene with at the center a tree stump. I started with sculpting out the high poly meshes in Zbrush, retopoly and unwrappingin 3DsMax. Then I created all the textures in Photoshop using the baked out maps with XNormal as a base, and finally rendering them out in Ue4.


The next few renders are also from within Ue4, here I was trying to get a realistical mud material with pools of water.


The wooden crate and potato bag was a quick exercise to get more feeling with pbr materials, and to experiment a bit with what gives good results and what not to do. It was also a good test to see if I could make seperate objects that blended together in a scene, because all I did so far was making small PBR props that only stood on themself.