Hunting Simulator (2017) - PC/ Xbox One/ PS4

Hunting Simulator is a game I worked on as a 3D Environment Artist. The game is developed by Neopica and published by Big Ben. My main role on this project was to create multiple open world maps based on real life locations.

The first step in my work flow was designing a map in photoshop with the general look and feel of how I wanted the level to look. After I was happy with the design, I created the terrain in World Machine as faithfully to the design as possible to have a good base to start my level on. Then I imported the heightmap from World Machine to the terrain in Unreal engine 4, and started creating the materials and textures for the terrain. When I had a decent looking terrain, I started decorating a small area to fit the general look of the level.

Most of the assets used in the levels where either created by other artists on the project and re-used or bought in an asset store. Though often I had to create very specific types of plants and specific keypoints that fitted my view of the level. After decorating a small area and adjusting the props and terrain to create a coherent atmosphere, I started with the setup up of the correct dynamic lighting and weather system. After all of this was finished I would start decorating the entire level, this was quite a big task since most of the levels ranged between 4 and 16 kmĀ² in size.