FIA European Truck Racing Championship (2019) - PC/ Xbox/ PS4/ Switch

ETRC was developed by N-Racing and published by Nacon, using the Kylotonn Engine. I started on ETRC as a 3D environment artist and gradually became more of a technical artist during the project. My main role was to recreating actual race tracks as close as possible, later on I also helped with a wide variety of technical tasks such as adding interactable objects with physics, optimizations and setting up guides for AI racers and penalty markers.

First we would start by blocking out the base of the circuit, this was done using the provided data from the circuit owners in combination with satellite scans. We would then start laying out the track splines, and creating some of the bigger unique props to get a first impression of the scene. After the first initial passes where done, we would continue detailing the tracks with generic assets and decals for skidmarks and paint. The last pass would be adding life to the circuit (such as characters, crowds, working display signs and misc animations).